Online manual

In this section of the web site you'll find a selection of answers to frequently asked questions and other self-help material designed to help you use our services easily, efficiently, and securely. You are always welcome to contact support with your (less frequently asked) questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I set up my email client?
  2. Help! I've forgotten my password! Can you tell me what it is?
    If you have forgotten your password for the member's area, you can request a new password using your previously registered contact email address. Once logged in there, you can change passwords for your mail and FTP accounts.
  3. What's my account status? When will I need to renew my account?
    Account status including billing and renewal information is available through the member's area. The login and password was given to you when you first signed up.
  4. What server OS/platform do you use?
    Currently all our servers run Linux and the web server software is Apache.
  5. Is commercial use of accounts permitted?
    Yes. We don't make any distinction between personal and commercial usage.
  6. Do you support PHP?
    We're happy to say that PHP 5 is available for all web hosting customers. Make sure to give your pages the extension .php so that the server will recognize your pages as PHP code. There's an introductory tutorial and complete reference on the official PHP web site, if you want to learn more about this powerful server-side scripting language.
  7. What databases are supported for use with my web site?
    The database solution we support is MySQL, a fast and easy-to-use SQL implementation which can be accessed via PHP and CGI programs. Use of a MySQL database is included with your account, but it's not set up by default so you need to request it when the need arises - just send a mail to the support staff.
  8. How do I redirect to another page using HTML or PHP?
  9. Some web hosting companies are offering unlimited bandwidth - why aren't you?
    We do not offer packages with unlimited bandwidth (or disk space) because there is no such thing. Any company promising that is simply not telling you the truth. If you read their terms and conditions carefully, you'll very likely find some words referring to "excessive use of resources", which in effect place some arbitrary limit on your bandwidth. Other hosting firms may restrict the type of files you serve or your site structure, making large disk quotas virtually useless.

    We set explicit limits to protect you and to provide you with a reliable service. That's one of the things "no-nonsense Internet services" mean to us.
  10. Are there any restrictions as to what content is allowed?
    The content you publish must be in accordance with the laws of your jurisdiction as well as those of the server locations (we currently have servers in Ireland). That means no material that violates copyright or export laws, for example. We also can not allow adult content due to agreements with our upstream providers. Please contact us before publishing any content you suspect may be affected by these terms.
  11. What's your policy on spam?
    We have a zero-tolerance approach to spam (mass unsolicited email). We do not ever engage in or allow our servers to be used for spamming. If you suspect someone is abusing our servers in this way, please send your complaints to

    Spamming from or through a server or in other ways using your account in association with such activities is STRICTLY prohibited. The staff will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision. Violators will get their accounts suspended immediately.
  12. What can I do to cut down on the amount of spam I receive?
    Our mail system allows you to use blacklists and other custom SMTP policies to block mail from suspect mail servers. SMTP policies can be configured for your accounts through the member's area. If you need help we'll assist you in finding a suitable mail policy.